Obama White House Online Visitor Search
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This tool uses the more than 1.5 gigabytes of visitor information stored by the Obama White Hours. We have imported the data, cleaned up most of it's many problems, and created this tool to allow for easy research into White House visitation during this important period of time.

Searching for a Visitor
To search for the visitation history of an individual, type in their last name and, optionally, some of their first name. The data was hand-typed, so there are rampant misspellinga or names, places, etc. For this reason, try different spellings of names when you search. Click "Search" to see the history. There may be numerous matches, and you can narrow the information displayed by clicking on the name of the actual person you are researching. Any line in pink is a cancelled appointment.

Once a list of visitors is displayed, you may click on any column header to sort by that item.

Other participants
The column "Total People" displays how many attendees there were at this meeting. It is often wrong. Click on the number to see a list of the other visitors at the same time, location and meeting room. Obviously, if they were all in the same room at the same time, they all had access to each other. You will see a blue link giving you the option to view a list of all people who had meetings at that location while the visit in question was occuring. It can interesting to see who was in the same building at the same time.

All visits that day
Clicking on the appointment date will show you all visits to that location on that day.

All visits to specific individual
Clicking on the person being visited will show you all visits to that person on that day.

Noise filtering
The vast majority of visits to the White House are tours and large events. By default, this tool will not show you visits which are tours or are in a group of more than 25 attendees. To change this behavior, Check the "Include Tours/Large Events" checkbox at the top of the page and search again.

Description Search
By typing a word or phrase into the text input box beside the "Description" title you can ask for a search of all matching records. This is currently limited to a maximum of 500 returned records, sorted by most recent. Typing "bowling" in here is quite interesting.